Terms Of Service


The following herein stated are the terms of agreement between Cizzle Soccer and the aspiring Player/Academy/Coach/Official.

  1. The Player/Academy/Coach/Official agrees to be bound by every statement herein stated.
  2.  The Player/Academy/Coach/Official agrees that the use of legal action can be adopted in a situation wherein any term or agreement herein stated is breached.
  3. Regardless the form the applicant takes, be it Player/Academy/Coach/Official, the applicant agrees to be bound by this agreement.
  4. The Player/Academy/Coach/Official agrees that the Sign Up Fee covers nothing else save their profile appearing on the platform for a one (1) year duration.
  5. The Player/Coach/Official accepts to bear the full responsibility of transportation and other charges, if summoned for try outs locally or internationally.
  6. The Player/Coach agrees that Cizzle Soccer reserves the right to charge him/her a one time fee of 5% of the total sign-in fee made during the first official contract offer.
  7. Cizzle Soccer reserves the right to take down the profile of any Player/Academy/Coach/Official, if found wanting, having criminal records, abusive drug consumption or found to have falsified any information in the event of registration for an online profile amongst others.
  8. The Player/Academy/Coach/Official upon registration agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations bounding the Cizzle Soccer arm of the firm Cizzle Brands Network.
  9. This document shall be regarded as null and void upon falsification of data, signature or general termination of contract with the Player/Academy/Coach/Official.
  10. By ticking the box and/or appending a signature on this document, it tends to stand as a legal document between the both parties herein stated to be Cizzle Soccer and the Player/Academy/Coach/Official.