Who We Are ?

Cizzle Soccer comprises of a team of professionals cutting across different spheres who are passionate for the game of football and all that concerns it.

We at Cizzle Soccer aim to play our own part in promoting the game of football while also leveraging on the creation of job opportunities and career development in the society.

Cizzle Soccer is a Cizzle Brands Network Innovation aimed at promoting football and connecting aspiring footballers to the world regardless of their location.

The Cizzle Soccer service cuts across every nation on the African continent alone as it is aimed at giving Africans the opportunities and much needed recognition they deserve to get a shot at their dreams and careers.


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What we do

Cizzle Soccer engages in a wide range of services, but notable amongst them are the following.

Our online profiling service makes it easier for individuals, clubs, officials and the likes to have an online presence regardless of where they might be located at a very affordable cost yet effective for a suitable service.

We also engage in promotion of our clients and partner brands, giving them the expected publicity they deserve to reach their target audience.

It is however worthy to note that we take more preference in the promotion of our players, officials and institution to get them connected to their dream clubs, jobs and players as the case may be. To this end we have adopted various cutting edge promotional tools to stay ahead at all times.

We take great responsibility in keeping our clients up to date on the latest tryouts and opportunities out there to get them closer to achieving their goals.

Our Features

User Friendly UI 97%
Affordability 100%
Professionalism 98%
Connectivity via Robust Network 97%